About Mo'ney Roseman

Watch Me Work Sports was founded in 2021 by Mo'ney Roseman, a born and raised soul from Clearwater, FL. Watch Me Work Sports is a centralized athletic recruiting platform created to assist underexposed athletes. The individuals whom self start and put in the work required and then some.

As a University of South Florida Graduate in Communications, I have been a part of two Division-1 Southeastern Conference athletic programs, Mississippi State University and The University of Florida as well as one All-American Conference athletic program with the University of South Florida. Professionally, I have been a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Rays, continuously studying and learning the knowledge of the athletics world. I have dedicated my life to supporting, uplifting, and changing the lives of athletes that are often not noticed but show why they should be. 


My passion for sports began early in childhood when I would watch football on the weekends with my father. I took my first step into a college stadium at the age of 9 years old in 2006 when I attended the season opener at Auburn University against Washington State. Being in Jordan Hare Stadium at that age was an unforgettable experience for me. Since that magical moment, I have tried to stay as close to sports as possible. Now that I am older and did not become a collegiate athlete myself, I wanted to help athletes feel that feeling of fans coming to see them, shaking the pompoms back forth, awaiting kick-off. The stage is set, put on a show. It has been a lifelong goal to assist athletes in bettering themselves and putting their talents on display.

I have spent restless months researching, trying to find the fuel to ignite the fire. Watch Me Work Sports was developed out of a pure passion for all games.

 At Watch Me Work Sports, we strive for all athletes globally to feel like the greatest of all time on and off the field. Our team provides various assets to athletes that help to define setting the standard of a true go-getter. WMWS is dedicated to fueling and igniting your inner beast. 

-CEO / Founder, Mo'ney Roseman 

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