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Rookie Orientation

Welcome to Watch Me Work's Rookie Orientation, here you will learn the facts about playing collegiate sports. Don't forget, in order to be considered eligible to play at the collegiate level, you will need to register with the NCAA's eligibility center here. 

If you are looking at Junior colleges, click here for NJCAA membership


When it comes to college sports, surveys done by the NCSA showed that college coaches care more about character than their skills and athleticism. Coaches will typically only reach out to athletes who meet their standards. Even if a recruit has outstanding stats and grades, coaches want to make sure they clear the character test before making an offer. A 2018 survey, by Verified Athletics, showed that college coaches value athleticism and a strong highlight tape. However, the survey also showed that leadership was the next highest rated attribute. 

In 2006 a report was done and asked how they define character and found that coaches defined character as a combination of moral and social values like hard work, respect and honesty.


No matter the sport, college coaches agree that parents have a huge impact on an athlete's recruiting process. 

Coaches want to get to know an athlete's parents during camps and campus visits. Observations may be made while parents are in the stands to gauge their attitude. Supportive and encouraging parents can have a positive impact on an athlete's process, while sideline behavior and helicopter parenting may scare coaches away.




Finding the right fit for college for you is important. There are multiple avenues to peruse a collegiate athletic career. Look over our breakdown above and see what options work best for you.

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There are nearly half a million NCAA student-athletes, and most of them will go pro in something other than sports. Most students depend on academics to prepare them for life after college. This is not to discourage any athlete but to show that it is an absolute crucial grind to be in the 2%.

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