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Athlete of the Week

We are on the hunt for the NEXT - Athlete of the Week
Check out some of our 2023 hidden gems!


Adrian Moss

Adrian Moss, a 6'0 PG  Senior from Largo, FL, dominated in the season opener for the Packers against the Land O' Lakes Gators. Moss dropped 18 points, 4 assists, and 6 rebounds. #WatchMeWork

Connect with Adrian:

Instagram: Moss.Adrian

Twitter: Adrian_Moss20231

More stats on Adrian

Omari _Pop_ Garcia.png

Omari Garcia

Athlete of the Week goes to “POP” aka Omari Garcia and a future D1 prospect SUPERSTAR ⭐️
His dedication and love for football truly shows in his hard work 🦾 — Did we mention, he’s only 10? Yeah, we love to see it 🗣️💯
#WatchMeWork #DontBeAFanLater

Connect with Omari:


Ava Stoller.png

Ava Stoller

Athlete of the Week goes to the one and only, the go-getter, 

Ava Stoller | PG 2023’⛹️‍♀️
She is always in her BAG — Her motivation and dedication on and off the court is truly UNMATCHED. Definitely #Allstar material. ⭐️
#WatchMeWork #DontBeAFanLater

Connect with Ava:

Instagram: Ava.Stoller

Twitter: AvaStoller

Ethan Royal.png

Ethan Royale

Put some RESPECT on his name: Ethan Royal🗣️
Introducing our Athlete of the Week @eforspeed 🔥
QB ✔️ | The price went UP📈|
#WatchMeWork #DontBeAFanLater👋


Catriona Kilgour

Understand this gymnast is a FORCE to be reckoned with 🤸‍♀️🔥
Introducing the ATHLETE of the WEEK;
Catriona Kilgour | Level 8 Gymnast
CANADA | 27’
Her hard work and determination is UNMATCHED 🙌

Connect with Catriona:

Instagram: Cat.loves.gymnastics.2027


Mark Z

YEAH, SLIME ✅ Introducing the one and only — National Ranked 3 ⭐️, superstar as our #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK 💪🏼
Watch him crush and show off his impeccable skills on the field 👀🏈
Hop on the train now and #DONTBEAFANLATER👋

Connect with Mark:

Instagram: Flashrb22


Amira Lang

Introducing this INFLUENTIAL individual as #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK 💪🏼
She demonstrates resistance, resiliency and courage day in and day out while she masters her indisputable gift 🔥

Connect with Amira:

Instagram: Amira.Lang.TD


Andre Wright Jr.

Living life in the sunshine STATE, we have the incredible Andre Wright Jr. coming in HOT as the #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK 🏀
He stay LIGHTIN’ UP THE COURT with his smooth foot work & hand/eye coordination.
Find someone else to pay with, respectfully 🔥

Connect with Andre:



Devaeh Crawford

IT’S SE7EN SZN BABYYY!!! Introducing the sensational, DEVAEH CRAWFORD as our #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK 🥎
Play with everyone else but don’t play with Devaeh 💪🏼 — SHE ON THAT SLAUGHTER GAME 🤫
CENTER FIELD | C/O — 2029’ 🔥

Connect with Devaeh:

Instagram: @Se7evsnz

Mia Jade Valdez.png

Mia Jade Valdez

Coming in HOT 🧨
NOBODY is seeing home plate with Mia behind it 💪
🧨A triple threat 🧨
Catcher ✔️
Lefty hitter✔️
3B ✔️

Connect with Mia:

Instagram: Miajadevaldez


Carlton Hayden

Presenting to you the GOAT, the SENSATIONAL, @certified_carlton as our #AtheleteOfTheWeek🗣️
Making hit after hit, call me BARRY BONDS 👀🔥
Analyze his determination and will power on and off the field 👈🏼 YEAH, HE A GO GETTER 🥶

Connect with Carlton:

Instagram: Certified_Carlton


Andrew Kern

Introducing the walking phenomenon, @drew.kern as our #AthleteOfTheWeek 🔥
C | O 2028’ — DL, OL
Always dominating, applying pressure and remaining focused on and off the field. One word, TALENTED#DontBeAFanLater👋

Connect with Drew:

Instagram: Drew.Kern


Tenner Cassidy

Introducing the ELITE, the go getter — TENNER CASSIDY as our #AthleteOfTheWeek 

You heard it here first, can nobody mess with him 

Some of his achievements:



- #1 9u SAFETY 

Understand, he’s busy WRITING HISTORY 


Connect with Tenner:

Instagram: Da_raginblasian

image0 (2).png

Tyler Pierce

Introducing Tyler Pierce as our #AthleteOfTheWeek 👀🔥
A True Baller | C/O 2033’
“I’m on that flow again, switch up the flow again..” one word — TOUGH 😤
Tap in and remember, #DontBeAFanLater. Tyler is going places ✔️


Connect with Tyler:

Instagram: 2k.tyler_p

Jakobi Whitaker.png

Jakobi Whitaker

🗣️JA’KOBI WHITAKER to the field please ‼️
This C/O 2031 WR will definitely catch it 🏈
Trust — he’s in the IN-ZONE every 👏 time 👏
Don’t sleep 😴 on his hands🤝
#WatchMeWork #DontBeAFanLater👋


Connect with Jakobi:

Instagram: jakobiwhitaker

Aliyah Roseman.png

Aliyah Roseman

Introducing this weeks #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK 🗣️
At 1st Base 🥎 we’ve got the One & ONLY - ↗️ BIG stepper - #1 Aliyah Roseman
Up to bat?? 🗣️
Aliyah’s going yard EVERY-TIME👏
Keep your eyes open in the outfield - Aliyah’s UP - NEXT


Connect with Aliyah:

Instagram: Aliyah.Roseman

Cameron Jones.png

Cameron Jones

It’s our favorite day of the week 🙌
This weeks #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK goes to the 1️⃣ and only QB - Cameron Jones 🫡
Cam throws nothing but DARTS🎯 A QB that moves swiftly in the pocket with a WICKED throwing range 🤯
Put some respect on his name - Cameron Jones Up Next🗣️ ↖️


Connect with Cameron:

Instagram: CamJones_QB

Darnell Jackson Jr.png

Darnell Jackson Jr.

DJ DEFINITELY caught it 🗣️
This WR’s got HANDS 🙌
Who want smoke with @thatsme_dj_ ?? 🗣️

Connect with DJ:

Instagram: Thatsme_DJ


Kayla Johnson

Showcasing Kayla Johnson as #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK 😤🔥
You see the video, you see the stance but do you how she’s doing all this — LEFT HANDED?! Please put some respect on her name and understand she is not to be played with 🦾
#WatchMeWork #DontBeAFanLater👋

Connect with Kayla:

Instagram: Kayla_Johnson_2026



Introducing Kaylee as our #AthleteOfTheWeek 🗣️
This tumble queen is not the one to be played with! Outside of cheerleading, she is a full time BOSS, being the founder of @gobeawesomeglitter 🫶🏼
Cheers to you for being extraordinary⭐️

Connect with Kaylee:

Instagram: Cheerlifekaylee


Amauri Dickson

Announcing this week’s #AthleteOfTheWeek, Amauri Dickson 🎙️
Not only is he multi-talented but he is also a model!
Graduating in 2029’, this man is bringing the HEAT in all avenues! Keep up the outstanding work; you’re killing the game & we see you!

Connect with Amauri:

Instagram: Amarui_California

image0 (1).png

Jayla Perry

ntroducing Jayla as our #AthleteOfTheWeek 🔥
Jayla Perry | C/O 2031’ | SS’
A go getter on and off the field! We see her going places so you know what that means? #DontBeAFanLater 😤
Tap in and check out her profile! She’s unstoppable 🚨


Connect with Jayla:

Instagram: iamjaylaperry

Adrian Moore (1).png

Adrian Moore

Introducing this weeks #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK —
Adrian Moore 🗣️
His step-back 3 is LETHAL 😮‍💨
Scoring over 300 points for the ‘22-‘23 season
🏀Adrian hits the court and it’s a movie 🎥
⬆️Know the name and the face - ADRIAN MOORE up next 🗣️
Please #DontBeAFanLater 👋


Connect with Adrian:

Instagram: AdrianMoore2024

Weylene Rodriguez.png

Weylen Rodriguez

It’s Tuessssday but we’re not servin tacos 🌮 we’re serving nothing but HITS ⚾️
Introducing this weeks Athlete of The Week - “WEYGONEE”
Weylen Rodriguez
This power hitter 💥 means business - Put him in the starting line up if your ready for a show 🎤
Remember #DontBeAFanLater👋


Connect with Weylen:

Instagram: Weygone_

Chance Dillingham.png

Chance Dillingham

Introducing this weeks #ATHLETEOFTHEWEEK 🗣️
March might be over but the madness isn’t —
🎤Chance Dillingham to the court please ‼️
This Baller out of Kentucky is LETHAL on the court🚨
Swiftly moving through the court, step back and it’s up🏀
Know the name —
Let him cook 👨‍🍳


Connect with Chance:

Instagram: ChanceTheHoopa

Zamaire Kier.png

Zamarie Kier


Connect with Zamarie:

Instagram: Zamaire_Kier

The Next AOTW (4).png

Be the NEXT Athlete of the Week

*Athlete of the week will be announced and posted on all social media platforms and website on Tuesday's.

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